An Unusual Valentine

The Valentine design assignment asks us to

Create you very own Valentines Day cards. Go ahead and make a funny spoof valentine that would make people laugh! Use at least one image and modify it in some way to create a cool effect. Afterwards, go ahead and send that baby out to people who would get a kick out of it. You can be sentimental if you want to, but funny cards are prefered!

Untitled document (70)

To make it, I followed the process.

Untitled document (85)
I started off with a random image I had on my computer, which I pasted into a Drawing in a document on Google Drive. For more details on this process, reference my other posts: its really not that complicated!
Untitled document (86)
Then I clicked on the textbox option, which lets you draw a textbox wherever you want with editable text.
Untitled document (87)
I drew the textbox by dragging the cursor to expand the textbox. To move it around afterward, just select it by clicking on it, and then drag the textbox until its in the desired position.

Untitled document (88)

Untitled document (89)
Click on “More” while the textbox is selected, and it gives you the text editing options.

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