Introducing me!

Welcome to my crazy world!

I am a lifelong citizen of the DC metropolitan area, although I attend college nearby at University of Mary Washington, where I am getting a degree in Physics. I hope to one day become a medical physicist so I can treat diseases and do research on radiation therapy, as well as teaching and mentoring others into this great emerging field.

As you can probably imagine based on my idea of a catchy personal introduction, I’m a serious nerd, especially when it comes to science. But I still live for my original pipe dream of becoming a writer. I love to read and write anything from poetry, nonfiction, novels, and even scripts. I’m hoping my work for my Digital Storytelling class any blogging I pursue afterward will help me with this goal.

When I find time between all these ambitions to have fun, I enjoy gardening, crafts, and the great outdoors, my internet addiction…and of course, family and friends. I’m lucky to have many passionate, caring people in my life, but I could always use more! Contact me with any questions about my web content (currently centered around the course Digital Storytelling) or writing. You can find me in the following places:





And, of course, on Pinterest!

~S. Gupta